Habits and the Pollution of I

Photo by  Dmitry Bayer  on  Unsplash

When I pause and notice my life, I often ask myself: what habits am I forming? What engenders radiance in my life?  What inhibits radiance? 

I recently discovered these enlightening questions after reading the brilliant musings and essays of Jacques Lusseyran’s Against the Pollution of the I: On the Gifts of Blindness, the Power of Poetry, and the Urgency of Awarenessthanks entirely to the generosity of practice member, Adrian.  The author was a blind man in France when the Germans invaded during WWII.  It is a book about the experiences and gifts Lusseyan receives in his blindness.  And it’s incredible. 

Adrian gave me this book because when he heard me describing the qualities of a coherent nervous system as "calm, rich and balanced", it reminded him of Lusseyran’s words.  I read the book. I loved it and now I want to share my favorite passages with you.

When I was sad, when I was afraid, all shades became dark and all forms indistinct. When I was joyous and attentive, all pictures became light. Anger, remorse, plunged everything into darkness.  A magnanimous resolutions, a courageous decision, radiated a beam of light. By and by I learned to understand that love meant seeing and that fate was night.

I had the same experience with space. When I became blind, I found out that inner space also changed its dimensions in accordance with the condition of my soul. Sadness, hate, fear not only darkened my universe, but also made it smaller. The number of objects I could encompass within myself with one glance decreased. In the truest sense of the word, I knocked against everything. Objects and beings became obstacles within myself. Outwardly I could not avoid running against doors and furniture. I was punished very thoroughly and very quickly.
    Conversely, however, courage, attention, joy, had the immediate effect of opening up and illuminating space. Soon everything existed in me abundantly: a great many objects, pictures, beings. I saw magnificent landscape before me. I knew that this landscape could expand indefinitely; in order to achieve this, my joy had merely to become even greater. At the same time, my physical adroitness increased; I found my way and moved with assurance.

    In short, there were two possibilities: to reject the world — and that meant darkness. reverses — or to accept it, and that meant light and strength…….

……The shadow of a tree on the road is not merely only a visual phenomenon. It it also audible. The oak, the poplar, the nut tree have their own specific levels of sound. The tone of a plane tree is entered like a room. It indicates a certain order in space, zones of tension, and zones of free passage. The same is true of a wall or a whole landscape.

    All differences in light have corresponding differences in sound. What I hear, while leaning out of my window under a grey, overcast sky, is sluggish. Sounds have become weak. They move in disconnected small groups.They circle in single place of space. What I hear when the sun shines has a much more intense vibration. Real objects emitting sounds begin to appear. The sounds go where they may, meet accordance with their affinity, and combine into forms.
— Jacques Lusseyran

The question I have for us– must we be blind to cultivate such a degree of perception? I don't think so. What Lusseyran is describing is what happens when our senses are not bombarded by such immediate stimuli. We are forced to be present to what is happening in all of our senses -to be still and listen. Lusseyran calls sight, the primary sense, it is what we most rely on and it is also what many scientists would say is the most deceitful. 

What would your world be if you were able to open up more of your senses? What would shine as light and what would be dim and dull? How much more radiant can daily life be? I do not believe that there is limit to radiance, I believe that there is only the limits imposed by what we choose to let into our inner space, into our consciousness.

Now contrast this world of more richness, presence and subtlety with the world that we have all become so accustomed too, the world of smart phones; How much does this world of stimulation control what we are becoming aware of? How much habit are we forming to that is ultimately blocking the radiance of things?

Jacques Lusseyran talks of tone, that all things have this tone. This is in fact what chiropractic was founded upon, what the founder noticed was that when you alter the tone of the neural skeleton, you alter the information that is shared. Resonance is the ability for different sounds to not only harmonize (fit together like lock and key) but also to amplify the sonic frequency. 

The sounds go where they may, meet accordance with their affinity, and combine into forms.
— Jacques Lusseyran

The information of the universe is all based on tone; on vibration.  Tone is everything, and as you progress in Network spinal care the subtleties that you become aware of are a by product on the tone of your neural skeleton becoming coherent and harmonious. 

There is nothing more sweet than this; because by this, everything becomes sweeter.