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Why Your Golf Game Needs Network care

Lets get right to the point. Chiropractic, especially Network Chiropractic will help your golf game -considerably. You will have more days of ease in your body, mind, health and swing. You can spend all the money on clubs and coaching but the truth is that if your body is under tension, you have a few things to work out before any of those upgrades will do you any good. 

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Habits and the Pollution of I

What would your world be if you were able to open up more of your senses? What would shine as light and what would be dim and dull? How much more radiant can daily life be? I do not believe that there is limit to radiance, I believe that there is only the limits imposed by what we choose to let into our inner space, into our consciousness.

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Your Childhood Designed Your Nervous System

We all know it intuitively. When we have a traumatic experience in childhood, we can become scared for life.  The first impression is the hardest to overcome, especially for our nervous system. Childhood events make a deep impression that define our adult lives. The good news is that we can change and overcome these negative impressions. And to a degree, we can redesign our nervous system and unlock available energy within us that we never knew existed.

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