humble beginnings

Our story begins in Atlanta about 10 years ago. When we met, the connection was instant. There was a knowing that we were destined to become a great team. Both of us came from musical and artistic backgrounds that created an immediate bond of creativity and adventure. We both knew that we wanted serve people in a way that would enrich and change lives for the greater good.

Seeking a lifestyle that was more surrounded by nature, we decided to move to Chattanooga in 2016 to open our own healing practice. We started out of our living room of a shabby apartment at the time. A couple of months later we moved into a temporary office and just a few short months after we found our dream space through a series of serendipitous events.

We are proud to say that we thrive off of referrals which is how most people find us, having built our practice from scratch with very little marketing and funding. Most people that find us have tried just about everything. They are amazed at how elegant and effective this process is.

The greatest reward we get to receive is to witness the healing and transformation everyday as our clients progress through care. It is our deepest honor to serve the community here in Chattanooga. We look forward with great anticipation in serving you on this exciting journey!


Dr.Dave & Emerald