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Somato Respiratory Integration:Transform Stages 4 & 5

Somato Respiratory Integration teaches you how to reconnect your awareness to areas of tension and disconnection. We will explore the season of Transform through stages 4 and 5. During the season of Transform you will be begin to transform old blockages and patterns so you can utilize this energy and drive it into new areas of growth and expansion in your life.

Stage Four: "Reclaiming our Power" 


"Enough of this!"

"I take my power back!"

"I take my courage back"

"I deserve so much more than this!"

Stage Five: "Merging with the Illusion"


"Help Me confront my shadow or my light"

"Help me make peace with my illusions"

"Please help me move through my illusions"

"Help me find the truth, wholeness, and strength behind this" 

SRI Classes are intended for practice members who are currently under Network care, however if you are not under Network care and are curious about SRI call to reserve your spot at 423-405-3330.

Bring a yoga mat, pillow, blanket etc.

Photo by Xan Griffin

Photo by Xan Griffin