Our Team


Dr. David M. Aitken

Doctor of chiropractic specializing in Network Spinal Analysis and Somato Respiratory integration

a patient becomes a doctor

Dr. Dave Aitken was not raised in a chiropractic family. Like many people, he found chiropractic as a last resort.  Dr. Dave was an 18-year-old college student majoring in jazz guitar when his hands began to develop neuralgia.

Here's how Dave tells his story:

“I had no idea a “back doctor" could help my hands. This is when I was exposed to the idea that everything and anything in your body can be affected by having a blockage in your nervous system.

After seeing how chiropractic helped my hands, I decided to stay under chiropractic care as a wellness plan. Under the care of my chiropractor everything began to work better — my sleep, my digestion, my stress levels, my precognitive actions.

I am a Network Chiropractor because I want to “Be the change that I want to see in the world,” and I see no better way.

I want the world to know that there is far more strength and healing potential in the body than what we give it credit for. Life does get richer and brighter as we grow and age. As a chiropractor, I have the opportunity to affect so many lives by  helping them out of pain and to access more resourceful energy in the body–energy that can be used for healing, growing, and becoming.

When my well needs replenishing, I love to play and be active. I play guitar, banjo, and mandolin. I love to bike, climb, hike, trail run and I practice yoga.  Chiropractic is so important to me because everything becomes richer, deeper, brighter and thats what life is all about!

My best advice for a great life: Laugh, Love, Move, Dance, Exhilarate, Meditate, Be present, Eat well, Drink good water and last but certainly not least, keep your nervous system tuned up and clear, Get Network Care!”


Emerald Lane

Tonal Spine Wellness coordinator and Licensed massage therapist specializing in Ayurvedic modalities.

an artist finds her way

Emerald is an artist at heart. Following a unique healing journey of her own, she is passionate about serving others. Helping them to connect more deeply to themselves and their innate ability to heal.

Emerald tells more about her journey:

“I arrived in this world full of energy, joy, and curiosity. I was pretty much dancing before I learned how to walk. Early events in my childhood led to debilitating anxiety and panic attacks. This eventually led to chronic fatigue, painful menstrual cycles, digestive issues, depression, and disconnection.

I was disenchanted with the solutions that were presented to me that seemed to just mask the symptoms. The last thing I wanted was to numb the signals my body was sending me with medications. Symptoms are a sign that something needs to change, and I had no desire to feel more disconnected. I wanted to get to the source of what was causing me to have such intense anxiety.

So I started with movement since dance had always been a place of solace for me. Cleaning up my diet and taking up a yoga practice helped give me more clarity, more energy, and alleviate some of the issues that I was having. Introducing meditation gave me even more insight into what I was experiencing and with that, more peace within myself.

Dedicating myself to a daily yoga and meditation practice was deeply therapeutic for my mind, body, and soul. Eating a well balanced diet also improved my symptoms. Although things seemed to be getting better, I was still having debilitating panic attacks, mood swings, and had to watch every thing I ate to avoid reoccurring digestive issues.

When I was first introduced to Network Care that is when my life started transform dramatically. I flirted with it a little bit, just getting a session here and there. Because honestly, I was skeptical. When I finally committed and got consistent with care, everything started to change, dramatically. Not only did my digestive improve instantly, my cycles became more regular with little no pain at all.

The anxiety that I had carried with me my whole life has shifted so much and the space within me continues to grow deeper and richer everyday. I have more energy than I know what to do with most days. I cannot express enough the impact that network has had and continues to have in my life. Coherency in the nervous system is key to live a truly authentic life and I am eternally grateful to serve as wellness coordinator here at The Tonal Spine.

With this new found freedom and boundless energy I am able to offer my craft as a bodyworker at a capacity like never before. My first massage teacher was B. Naga Kumar in southern India who taught me how to truly connect with the energy of the person receiving the work. He also taught me to trust my intuition and that massage is more of a meditation than just technical bodywork. I received my 500 hour certification from Georgia school of massage. My affinity with nature led me to Southern Appalachia where I studied medical plants with master herbalist Patrica Kristi Howell.

My extensive background with dance, yoga, meditation, and movement has given me a sense of awareness that has benefited me as a massage therapist. It has given me the opportunity to share that awareness with others. It is an honor to serve my community through therapeutic touch and breath work.