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About TonalSpine Chiropractic

Dr. DaveAt TonalSpine Chiropractic, we believe in the vast potential of the human nervous system and its ability to transform health and well-being. Since 2016, our Chattanooga chiropractor, Dr. David Aitken, has dedicated himself to discovering this potential and fostering an environment where the nervous system can thrive, adapt, and restore its innate capabilities.

Our Mission at TonalSpine Chiropractic

Our mission is to elevate our community’s health by enhancing the nervous system’s natural ability to adapt and respond to life’s challenges. We want to shift people’s perception of health from surviving to thriving, where each individual can experience life fully and without limitations.

Taking a Long-term Approach to Health

Chiropractic care at our clinic is not about temporary fixes but about creating long-term health. We focus on removing interferences in the nervous system that can limit its function, allowing you to experience greater energy, less reactivity, and a proactive approach to life. By adjusting the spine and improving nervous system function, we help you achieve a life of greater well-being and vitality.

When you walk into our practice, you’ll find a space that reflects our philosophy. It’s a place that feels less like a clinic and more like a sanctuary, where the ambiance is calm, natural, and rich with a touch of charm. It’s designed to be a natural retreat that encourages relaxation and healing.

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Choosing Us for Care Makes Sense

There are several reasons people should choose TonalSpine Chiropractic for their care, including

  • Experienced Care—with over nine years in our current location, we have a deep understanding of our community’s needs
  • Specialized Techniques—as a NetworkSpinal practitioner, you’ll receive additional care focused on stress reduction
  • Unique Environment—our practice offers a serene and inviting atmosphere, far removed from the sterile vibes of traditional medical offices
  • Community Focus—situated in a lively neighborhood known for its outdoor vibrancy and beautiful mountain views, we embody the spirit of our community

Keeping Our Promise to You

We are committed to helping you live the life you deserve—a life full of health, vitality, and happiness. Whether dealing with chronic pain, looking to improve overall health, or simply wanting to maintain your current wellness, our chiropractic care is tailored to meet your needs.

Ready to transform your health? Visit us at TonalSpine Chiropractic to start your journey towards a more vibrant and capable you. Contact us today!


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