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Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI) in Chattanooga

Woman practicing breathing techniqueOne of the modalities offered at TonalSpine Chiropractic is Somato Respiratory Integration (SRI), a transformative self-care practice that complements the chiropractic care provided in our office. SRI uses focused attention, hands-on body contact, and deliberate breathing techniques to deepen your healing process.

What is Somato Respiratory Integration?

SRI helps you mirror the therapeutic changes experienced during chiropractic adjustments. It involves a series of 12 stages of healing, guiding you from a state of disconnection to a profound connection with your body’s inner rhythms and wisdom. This process not only relieves physical ailments like headaches and spinal tension but also empowers you to move and direct your body’s energy in ways that support your overall well-being.

SRI combines focused attention, gentle breath, movement, and touch to educate you about your body and enhance your personal healing journey. It helps practice members move energy that’s stuck in tension and move it to where it can actually help them. This technique provides practical tools to focus your attention effectively, supporting your healing and empowerment.

The Amazing Benefits of SRI

Some of the benefits people receive with SRI include

  • Self-Healing—teaches them how to activate their body’s natural healing capabilities
  • Awareness and Control—gain greater awareness of their body’s rhythms and learn how to manage their energy consciously
  • Deepened Healing—using SRI enhances the therapeutic effects of chiropractic adjustments, promoting faster and more profound healing

Learning How to Use SRI Properly

We offer practice members several ways to learn more about SRI and the correct method to practice the techniques. During regular adjustments, you can opt to incorporate SRI techniques to personalize your healing experience. These one-on-one sessions are an excellent way to experience the full scope of what SRI can do for you.

Dr. Dave also offers SRI workshops in our office, allowing people to learn and practice these techniques under his professional guidance to achieve the best results. He also provides workbooks for purchase and, occasionally, may offer personalized video demonstrations to ensure you can practice SRI effectively at home.

Ready to Take Control of Your Healing Process?

Contact TonalSpine Chiropractic today to learn more about Somato Respiratory Integration and how it can be integrated into your wellness routine. Join one of our workshops or schedule a session to start your journey toward deeper healing and empowerment.


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