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NetworkSpinal® in Chattanooga

adjusting lower backAt TonalSpine Chiropractic, we offer NetworkSpinal®, a cutting-edge method of chiropractic care that uses light contacts to restore and enhance the connection between your brain and body. Designed to awaken areas of your nervous system that have become desensitized or disconnected due to stress and trauma, this technique offers a gentle, natural, and holistic way to relieve built-up tension.

NetworkSpinal: A Revolutionary Approach to Care

NetworkSpinal is a unique chiropractic technique focusing on light, precise contact points along the spine to help release tension and promote a more efficient connection within the nervous system, helping transform how the body stores and manages tension and improving physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

When tension is stored in the nervous system and spine, it affects function throughout the entire body. NetworkSpinal care gently releases these tensions, waking and stimulating the nervous system, providing the energy to increase function and access the body’s full potential.

Benefits of the Healing Journey

NetworkSpinal provides various results as the body goes through its healing process, including

  • Enhanced Body Awareness—reconnect with areas of your body that have been ignored or numbed, similar to rediscovering forgotten senses.
  • Increased Energy and Calmness—experience an immediate reduction in symptoms, increased energy, deeper breathing, and overall well-being.
  • Optimized Nervous System Function—as treatment progresses, your nervous system’s capacity to process life’s experiences expands, allowing for improved adaptability and function.
Long-term health benefits, like improved heart rate variability, a key measure of health resilience, are a common outcome.

How The NetworkSpinal Experience Works

Dr. Dave starts with an in-depth assessment to determine where the issue lies and creates a care plan to address your needs. Practice members often notice a significant decrease in symptoms and a heightened sense of calm and safety even after their first session. With ongoing care, they build upon these initial experiences, enhancing their nervous system’s ability to handle more complex and enriching life experiences.

Our targeted 12-week care plans are designed to re-evaluate and adapt to your body’s changing needs, ensuring optimal outcomes. Regular NetworkSpinal care significantly enhances autonomic nervous system balance, crucial for processing stress and improving overall health.

Committed to Your Best Health

At TonalSpine Chiropractic, we help guide you through the transformative journey of NetworkSpinal care. Contact us today to schedule your first appointment and start your journey toward a balanced and revitalized nervous system.


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