" Four years before beginning treatment at Tonal Spine, I was in a nearly fatal accident that resulted in a traumatic brain injury and two fractured vertebrae that were fused with titanium. Those four years were full of daily struggle to function through the chronic pain and PTSD that resulted from the experience. My struggle became more desperate as I saw my only option for treatment as impairing and/or addictive medications and often questioned the value of my life when all I could imagine was a future full of suffering. I was unable to work more than part-time and had difficulty taking care of myself which only made me further question the validity of my future and my identity. I had essentially reduced the expectations for my life to nothing but pain when a coworker became a life-saving connection to Tonal Spine. Despite feeling apprehensive about the idea due to uncertainty regarding whether or not they would work with me considering my spinal fusion and general skepticism about chiropractic care, I attended a speaking event they hosted. What I learned gave me hope and when I attended my first two sessions I felt like I had been handed a life-raft. Through Network Care and SRI practices introduced to me during treatment, I have been able to re-imagine my future entirely. Within a year, I am now working full-time and experiencing daily progress toward physical and emotional healing. This work has affected my life in every aspect, from significantly reducing chronic pain to giving me tools to enhance my relationships with self and others. When I felt helpless and hopeless, Tonal Spine became a sanctuary. I have experienced healing that allows me to live a more full and vibrant life without chemical pain management. In less than a year of treatment, I have overcome more obstacles than I had managed in the previous four years of attempting to help myself. I can't speak highly enough about the quality of care as well as the intuitive and intelligent treatment that is available at Tonal Spine. " 


" I first went to Tonal Spine with recurring neck and shoulder pain that was quite disabling. A very good and trusted friend of mine who is an acupuncturist highly recommended that I try Dave Aitken's practice. I researched it at first and it sounded kind of "new agey" but I so trusted my friend that I tried it anyway.

The network spinal approach is different. It is not crunching the spine in a dramatic way which is what I was used to with other chiropractors. This was gentle and at first I felt like " really ! that's it. That can't really help. Damn if it didn't.

After experiencing what a year's worth of network spinal care can do I am solidly in the belief that it is a holistic approach that not only alleviates pain but revitalizes your whole body. I can't imagine not continuing with it as an essential part of my wellness regimen.” 


Okay. Let me start out by saying I am a skeptic in general in life. However, a year ago, I was a skeptic with constant back pain. So my skeptical self gave this thing a try.

A year later, I can say with full confidence that Dave's practice works. I can't tell you exactly how, but the difference I feel in my severe patterns of muscle tension (practically gone in most areas), as well as the fact that I'm now building strength in areas that were once just knots of muscle tension, are a testament to the efficacy of this method of care.

It's not a quick fix — but most credible solutions in life are not. Give it a try if you're on the fence. Progress can be felt almost instantly.


" Dr. Aitken is patient and caring! The work we have been doing helps me to manage my chronic autoimmune condition. I have experienced improvements in my pain level but more importantly the work has helped me to deal with the emotional stresses of living with this condition. I highly recommend him to anyone with physical pain or help in dealing with the stress and tensions of everyday life." 

Jo Beth

" The nervous system work that we are doing is steadily improving my health. Within a few weeks I started to feel many changes in my body that I am sure would not have occurred without this process. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to feel and look better day by day!"


" Dr. Dave Aitkin and Emerald at the Tonal Spine are caring, compassionate and gentle healers. My first experience with Dr. Dave was seeing the difference he made with my husband’s on going problems with disabling neck and back pain. That was four months ago and almost immediately he had no need for pain medication, his quality of life was amazingly better and he now has the skills to deal situations that might have led to pain in the past. I decided to visit Dr. Dave myself and see if he could help with residual issues from an automobile accident and an illness that led to disfigurement on the right side of my face. Things are so much improved on both counts. My neck vertebrae have moved back into alignment and my facial distortions are rapidly improving, so much so that I have been regaining movement in facial muscles that I thought were never going to improve and I have regained symmetry in my face. Quite happily I am getting my smile back."


My life is completely different then it was when I came to Tonal Spine ten months ago. In that time, my relationship with my body has expanded and been enriched so much that I feel...more myself than I ever have before. It's hard to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it, but I try.

Imagine a tool you depend on every day - a phone, a car, a dishwasher, a bike, whatever. It gets the job done well enough, though it'd be nice if it wouldn't crash when you open certain apps, or lose cell signal when you're in your bedroom. But it works.

Now think about that tool compared to one that doesn't have any of those limitations. Tally up all the little moments of frustration, all the hesitations as you realize it can't keep up with what you're trying to do, all the capabilities you've heard about that it doesn't have. Consider the impact of all of those tiny drawbacks on your concentration, your creativity, your energy, and your joy. How spontaneous can you be when you know that your tools will malfunction? How hopeful can you be when they've always been this way?

Since I was young(er, I'm 32 and that's not old by any stretch), I've been carrying pain in my posture and anxiety in my breath. My body has been a rigid, worrying thing. My imagination has worked only to show me things I should probably be worried about. I was only half-alive and didn't even recognize it, because my life has always felt that way. I was in pain and my body's response has been to not feel anything, and to pretend that the humming I feel in my body is just existential despair. But it wasn't ennui. It was pain, and my body was sustaining it at my unconscious command.

Dr. Dave is fixing those things with me. Through network spinal retrainment and somato-respiratory integration, I'm finally learning what it feels like to let my body relax into its neutral state. My lifelong hyper-vigilance stops sometimes, and I am able to truly feel what it's like to just BE.

Not only that - pain is resolving. The tension headaches I got from working at my computer are less and less frequent, and I'm learning to dissipate the tension that builds up in my neck to generate them. I'm learning whole new ways to breathe and sit and walk and talk and I'm having flashbacks to pain in my past that I hadn't remembered in years, seeing it for what it was and seeing how it's left its marks on my body.

For the first time, I feel like I'm truly *here* the way other people seemed to be. People tell me now that my laugh is infectious. When my cat passed away recently, I mourned so powerfully that I was able to reach a sense of peace without guilt that I should've felt more. When I feel bad, I feel bad. When I feel good, I feel good. That's new, and while a lot of things have fed into it, the things I've learned from Dr. Dave about what my body was doing and why have made it all fit together into this continuous embodied experience that my life never was before.

Things keep getting better, and I'm full of hope again. My imagination was for so long a tool only of fear and worry - but now I'm dreaming again, looking for ways to spend this energy I could never hold onto before. I know this all probably sounds ridiculous, given that I'm just reviewing a chiropractor. But that's just a title. What I've received at Tonal Spine has been *care*. And it's what I needed to start getting better.

Mary Helen

" The Tonal Spine was my introduction to chiropractic care and I am thankful for such a delightful and rewarding experience. I have been seeing Dr. Dave for almost two years now and he has guided me through some significant transitions with the utmost compassion and support. This man loves what he does and it is transmitted to those that he treats. I always leave the office in a better state than when I arrived and Dr. Dave gives me tools and guidance that are enduring and invaluable. I hold Tonal Spine in high regard and would recommend to anyone who is ready to take charge and embrace full empowerment. Let this place be your guide!"


"Dr. Dave and Emerald are Extraordinary people with huge hearts! Their technique is beyond anything I have experienced. My lady friend drives an Hour and half one way every week to receive their care because they are simply rock stars!"


I have been going to Dr. Dave for about a year and a half, originally for help with chronic hip pain. The process of network analysis practiced by Dr. Dave was quite subtle for me, nothing like traditional chiropractic I had experienced in the past. Subtle, but very effective in relieving pain and improving my spinal health. The hip pain was gone in a few months and has not returned, my posture is measurably improved, and my energy level has increased. In addition to being very knowledgeable, caring, and skilled, Dr. Dave is a great listener and communicator. I appreciate his help in this journey.


“I was first introduced to Network Chiropractic care in 2003 in Berkeley, California. It helped alleviate problems with L4/5 bulging discs that back surgery had not in 1999. It did so by helping me discover my spine through my breath, and by doing so it changed some unhealthy life patterns. Nearly fifteen years removed from the practice I have developed new symptoms (plantar fasciitis and chronic IT band pain) through old patterns of psycho-physical imbalances. Finding Dr. Dave has been like finding an old friend. His personalized approach and depth of knowledge within his practice has reconnected me to the healing powers of breath, which has inevitably helped me manage these symptoms. While also, the “network” community that he and Emerald are facilitating through their work at Tonal Spine continues to connect those involved in the practice to sources of healing and health. Not only have I made use of two wonderful body workers through their referral, but I have started practicing Tai Ji with Steve Long and the internationally renown Ziwei Guo. In essence, Chattanooga is very fortunate to have attracted Dr. Dave and Emerald for the cutting edge chiropractic practice that they bring and the seeds of community which they have grown in just a couple of years.”


"My first experience with a chiropractor was Dr. Dave. I had been experiencing lower back pain for some time and finally decided to give a chiropractor a try. Dr. Dave took the time to understand exactly what I was feeling and where. The result was very successful. I believe my success was a result of Dr. Dave taking the time to understand precisely what was needed. This was no 'cookie cutter' treatment."


After trying many other treatments for my sciatic nerve pain, with no success, I started to see a chiropractor. I found Dr. Dave and was thankful that I did. Not only did he relieve my sciatica but helped my neck and shoulder pain. He not only treats you as an individual, but also teaches you about your condition and what you can do to help yourself.


"I have getting treated by Dr. Dave for a couple of years now—I started seeing him when he was working the clinic at Life University. I originally went because I work on my feet and was having terrible back pain and numbness. After Dr. Dave cleared me of my back pain, we discussed moving towards total body health. I am now on monthly maintenance and have had a huge improvement in my anxiety!! Amazing how the body works!! I highly recommend Dr. Dave and have him adjusting my son now too!"


“Getting entrained (adjusted)  by Dr. Dave has really helped me on so many levels. The light touch approach really has allowed my body to unwind itself in a natural and intelligent way. Dr. Dave is the best Chiropractor! I’ve never been a fan of harsh adjustments. Receiving Network care has really allowed my body to integrate the changes more efficiently. I’ve struggled with digestion and anxiety issues over the years and since I’ve been getting entrained (adjusted) I have noticed that those issues are way less frequent and almost nonexistent at this point. I also had a really bad fall a couple of years ago where I had landed on my head which resulted in really bad headaches for about 6 months. When I went in to see Dr. Dave he was able to correct that. It’s been a year and a half and I haven’t had a headache since. I am so grateful that I found Dr. Dave and this revolutionary technique.”